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Torsion Engineering is a development company for the Garage Door Service Industry.  We specialize in industry specific tools that wind Torsion springs safely and easily.   These tools are set up to wind any torsion spring from residential to the largest commercial spring on the market today.  

The Torsion Spring winding tool, (Torq-Pro) installs easily by attaching to the spring in a couple of seconds.   Then grab your cordless drill, press the trigger, and in the time that it usually takes to go get your winding bars from your truck you will have the spring wound up and be packing up your tools.   The winding tool not only saves you and your company time, energy, and money, it will also keep you safe on the job.   Once you clamp the Torq-pro onto any torsion spring it will not allow the spring to come loose and possibly injure the installer.   This is a Bi-Directional tool that will work in both winding and unwinding situations for either right or left wound springs.

Our tools are made of top quality alloys, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA with pride.   We take your safety seriously in developing our tools and know that you will take pride in knowing that you are part of an elite team in using them.

For Questions or Information on the devices and packages please feel free to contact us directly.



             Torsion Engineering - 2121 Goldfinch Ave - Rock Rapids, IA 51246 - 605.553.5403